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NetVisualize Main Features

Some of the main features of NetVisualize Favorites Organizer include:
  • Hierarchal link organization
  • Extensive URL drag and drop support
  • Thumbnail images for web site links
  • Thumbnail image directory
  • Import and export compatibility with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, and Opera browsers
  • Export to HTML thumbnail links page
  • Match and merge capabilities for duplicate links
  • Link validation capabilities
  • Advanced search menu for searching by title, URL, rating, notes, and more
  • Ability to quickly and easily email your favorite links to friends
  • Dockable window interface and modular panels and toolbars
  • Support for folder and file shortcuts as well as Internet URL links
  • Automatic file backup
  • Ping, traceroute, and DNS lookup network utility integration
NetVisualize Favorites Organizer is currently available in a freeware version (NetVisualize Favorites Organizer Free) as well as a version that can be purchased for $34.95 USD (NetVisualize Favorites Organizer Plus). NetVisualize Free includes a built-in 30-day evaluation version of NetVisualize Plus.

The table below lists the main features of NetVisualize Favorites Organizer. It also provides a feature comparison of the different versions, including NetVisualize Free (see Free below), the 30-day evaluation version of NetVisualize Plus that is built in to NetVisualize Free (see Plus eval below), and the purchased version of NetVisualize Plus (see Plus purchased below).

  Free Plus eval Plus purchased
License Freeware 30-Day Free Trial $34.95 USD
Time Limit None 30 Days None
Availability Free Download Free Download Private Download
NetVisualize Logo on Thumbnails Yes (Sometimes) Yes (Sometimes) No
Import Internet Explorer Favorites Yes Yes Yes
Import Firefox/Netscape Bookmarks Yes Yes Yes
Import Opera Hotlist Bookmarks Yes Yes Yes
Generate Thumbnail Images Yes Yes Yes
Multithreaded Thumbnail Generator Yes Yes Yes
Export to HTML Thumbnail Links Page Yes Yes Yes
Customizable Export Templates Yes Yes Yes
Grab URL From Active Browser Yes Yes Yes
Drag/Drop URLs to/from Browsers Yes Yes Yes
Drag/Drop URLs to/from Desktop Yes Yes Yes
Organize Links/URLs Hierarchically Yes Yes Yes
Organize Links with Drag/Drop Yes Yes Yes
Cut, Copy, Paste Yes Yes Yes
Shortcuts to Windows Files or Folders Yes Yes Yes
Move Item(s) Up/Down/Left/Right Yes Yes Yes
Edit Item Properties Yes Yes Yes
Dockable Toolbars Yes Yes Yes
Dockable Item Details Panels Yes Yes Yes
Expand/Collapse Folder Yes Yes Yes
Open Link in Current/New Browser Yes Yes Yes
Email Selected Link(s) Yes Yes Yes
Appbar Mode Option Yes Yes Yes
Option to Minimize to Tray Icon Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Links File Backup Option Yes Yes Yes
Option to Load on Windows Startup Yes Yes Yes
  Free Plus eval Plus purchased
Export to Internet Explorer Favorites No Yes Yes
Export to Firefox/Netscape Bookmarks No Yes Yes
Export to Opera Hotlist Bookmarks No Yes Yes
Maintain Order of Exported Favorites No Yes Yes
Find and Find All Search Functionality No Yes Yes
File Link Popup Menu No Yes Yes
Move Link Popup Menu No Yes Yes
View Thumbnail Directory No Yes Yes
View Full-Size Image No Yes Yes
Save Thumbnail as JPEG Image No Yes Yes
Add Link to Desktop No Yes Yes
Ping URL No Yes Yes
Traceroute to URL No Yes Yes
DNS Lookup No Yes Yes
Merge Duplicate URLs No Yes Yes
Validate Links No Yes Yes
  Free Plus eval Plus purchased

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