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Revision History

1.5.0 (2005-01-14) - Bug Fix and Enhancement Release
  • New: Lockdown options for public kiosk deployment situations.
  • Enhanced: Add Link and File Link features now also work with Firefox browser.
  • Enhanced: Auto-unhide can now be initiated by drag and drop to edge of desktop.
  • Enhanced: Better handling of malformed Netscape bookmark files when importing.
  • Fixed: Opera Hotlist bookmarks import didn't work correctly for latest versions of Opera.
  • Fixed: Double quote marks in grabbed URLs and titles were not correctly parsed.
  • Fixed: If sorting was enabled, it sometimes did not immediately take effect for newly imported items.
  • Fixed: When auto-hide mode was enabled, sometimes the program would remain stuck in the unhidden state after the program was first started.
  • Fixed: Tip of the Day dialog text didn't display text properly after being is resized.
  • Fixed: Single quotes were unnecessarily removed when exporting to IE Favorites.
  • Fixed: Some user Preferences on the Advanced tab would unexpectedly revert to 8 if the "Open link in current browser" option was enabled.
  • Fixed: After using the Move to Folder feature, the selection would jump to the new location of the moved items, instead of remaining in the previous location.
1.4.0 (2003-09-20) - Features Update Release
  • New: Public release of most features previously only available in Extended Free Editions (see 1.2.0 and 1.3.0 below).
  • Enhanced: Revised some menu item captions to improve clarity of the user interface.
  • Fixed: If the program main form was in the maximized state when closed, then when next opened it would appear to be stuck in the maximized state.
1.3.0 (2003-08-30) - Extended Free Edition for PC Professionale (the Italian edition of Ziff-Davis' PC Magazine)
  • Fixed: Sorting sometimes failed to work when new links were initially added.
1.2.0 (2003-07-11) - Extended Free Edition for Dennis Publishing's PC Pro, Computer Shopper, and Computer Buyer magazines
  • New: Link validation feature.
  • New: Support for multiple monitors.
  • New: Opera Hotlist bookmarks format import and export support.
  • New: Opera Hotlist bookmarks timed export synchronization.
  • New: Ability to import one NetVisualize Favorites Files into another.
  • New: Option to import only links that do not already exist in the file.
  • New: Option to exclude empty folders when importing.
  • New: When importing, option to place imported links either at the root level or into the selected folder.
  • New: Option to choose the Internet Explorer favorites import folder, or to detect it automatically.
  • New: Option to copy link information to the Windows clipboard using customizable templates.
  • New: Option to start minimized.
  • New: Option to configure the sensitive portion of the screen edge that will trigger an unhide in appbar mode.
  • New: XML export support (exclusive Extended Free Edition feature).
  • New: Ability to print links to a printer (exclusive Extended Free Edition feature).
  • Enhanced: The Add Link feature now works with Netscape 7 and Mozilla.
  • Enhanced: Unnecessary prefix characters are now automatically removed from titles added from Opera browser using the Add Link feature.
  • Enhanced: Items on Reopen menu are now checked at startup and removed if they don't exist.
  • Enhanced: A vertical scrollbar has been added to the Notes memo in the Merge dialog.
  • Enhanced: The Merge dialog and the Search Results dialog now remember sizes and positions.
  • Enhanced: When importing Netscape bookmarks, separators are now included with the import.
  • Enhanced: After an import operation, the number of link imported is displayed.
  • Enhanced: When importing, if a folder being imported already exists in the import location, the existing folder may be used instead of creating a duplicate folder.
  • Enhanced: If NetVisualize is running but is minimized or hidden and the user attempts to start it again, and if the option to prevent multiple instances is enabled, the initial instance will be shown and activated.
  • Enhanced: In the Search Results dialog, the folder path of the selected item is now displayed.
  • Enhanced: Double-clicking on a URL in the Details panel or in the Search Results dialog will launch the URL in a browser.
  • Enhanced: Double-clicking on the link folder path shown in the Search Results dialog will locate the link in the Link Explorer.
  • Enhanced: A button to display a Thumbnail Directory has been added to the Search Results dialog (previously only available by right-clicking).
  • Enhanced: A toolbar button to display the Preferences dialog is now available (right-click on toolbar, Add or Remove Toolbar Buttons, Preferences).
  • Enhanced: Scroll bars have been added to the notes area in the item properties dialogs for link, folder, and shortcut items.
  • Enhanced: Many new accelerator keys have been assigned throughout the interface.
  • Enhanced: When appbar mode is enabled, clicking on the tray icon will now cause the appbar to hide or show.
  • Enhanced: URL shortcut files dragged and dropped from the Desktop or from Windows Explorer onto a NetVisualize desktop icon or quick launch icon are now added to the open file.
  • Enhanced: URLs can now be dragged and dropped from NetVisualize to Netscape 7.
  • Enhanced: It is now possible to drag and drop text from other applications into the NetVisualize Notes panel.
  • Fixed: Some parts of the interface (such as the Merge Duplicates dialog) did not correctly adjust to various Windows font size dpi settings.
  • Fixed: Merge dialog would hang if Auto-Merge was pressed while no items were selected.
  • Fixed: When importing Netscape 7 bookmarks, accented characters were not handled correctly due to UTF-8 encoding.
  • Fixed: When importing from or exporting to Netscape bookmarks format, special characters were not properly HTML encoded.
  • Fixed: When appbar mode was enabled, under some conditions it would become stuck in its hidden state, requiring a click on the Desktop or another application before it would unhide again.
  • Fixed: NetVisualize failed with errors when a user without Administrator privileges attempted to run it on Windows NT or 2000.
  • Fixed: Errors would sometimes occur when shortcut property dialogs were close and reopened multiple times.
  • Fixed: Folder property and shortcut property dialogs were not cascaded properly.
  • Fixed: The total folders count and total links count values displayed in the status bar were not immediately updated after importing new links.
  • Fixed: Backup files were not created if the currently open file was saved automatically when NetVisualize was closed.
  • Fixed: When appbar mode was enabled, if the docking edge was changed by the user, the appbar would sometimes incorrectly go into a mode where the form could be resized by the user.
  • Fixed: When URLs or other files were dragged from Windows Explorer into NetVisualize, some resources were not properly released, which caused a lock to be held on the parent folder (preventing its deletion) until NetVisualize was closed.
  • Fixed: If the Minimize on open link and Minimize to taskbar options were both enabled, when a link was opened, NetVisualize would hide and would not provide a way for the user to unhide it.
1.1.0 (2002-09-02) - Features Update Release
  • New: Printable manual added (Adobe PDF), with corresponding menu item in the Help menu.
  • New: Option to set font and font size for Link Explorer Panel.
  • New: Option to set font and font size for Notes Panel.
  • New: Option to disable system tray icon.
  • New: Option to configure the backup folder path in preferences.
  • New: Option to load automatically on Windows startup.
  • New: Option to prevent or allow running of multiple instances of the program.
  • New: Option to auto-export to Internet Explorer favorites and/or Netscape bookmarks at program exit.
  • New: Option to auto-export to Internet Explorer favorites and/or Netscape bookmarks at timed intervals.
  • New: Option to preserve display order on IE favorites export.
  • New: Options to control auto-hide/auto-show time delay.
  • New: Auto pin-in-place option for appbar mode when auto-hide is enabled.
  • New: Two additional HTML thumbnail links page export formats.
  • New: Allow copy to clipboard of URL(s) in search results dialog.
  • New: Allow locking details panels in place.
  • New: Simple toolbar customization capability (right-click on toolbar to hide or show buttons).
  • New: Toolbar button to temporarily hold window in place when auto-hide is enabled (pin-in-place/release-pin-in-place toggle toolbar button).
  • Enhanced: Documentation is now in Windows HTML Compiled Help format (.chm) instead of WinHelp format (.hlp).
  • Enhanced: Keyboard shortcuts improved and standardized.
  • Enhanced: Display order of favorites is now preserved on Internet Explorer favorites import.
  • Enhanced: Move Item Up/Down/Left/Right features now work with multiple items selected.
  • Enhanced: Links popup menu (accessible from main menu, right-click Move To option, or tray icon) will now scroll to make items visible if there are too many to fit on the screen.
  • Enhanced: Large close button now available at bottom of search results window, in addition to the standard small close button in upper-right corner.
  • Enhanced: Description field can now be imported from Netscape bookmarks files.
  • Enhanced: Description field is now included when exporting to Netscape bookmarks format.
  • Enhanced: Link Explorer view now scrolls vertically to make item visible when using Move Item Up or Move Item Down.
  • Enhanced: Taskbar button is now disabled if option to minimize to tray icon is enabled.
  • Enhanced: Auto-collapse feature now fully collapses all descendent folders instead of just immediate subfolders.
  • Enhanced: Link Properties dialog is now sizable.
  • Enhanced: While editing an item title in the Link Explorer Panel, Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right can now be used to jump to previous or next word in the title.
  • Enhanced: The toolbar and the main menu can now be docked on the same docking row.
  • Enhanced: Tip of the Day dialog is now sizable, and the default size is larger.
  • Enhanced: The About box has been enhanced with a new NetVisualize Favorites Organizer graphic.
  • Enhanced: Application icons have been replaced with new icons for program shortcuts, on taskbar, and in system tray.
  • Enhanced: If a new link is created and then immediately canceled, the selection now reverts to the item that was previously selected instead of the item after it.
  • Enhanced: Browse for Folder dialog is now centered on screen in Windows 2000 even if the size has been increased.
  • Fixed: Folder count and link count statistics in Status Bar were not being updated after merge operation.
  • Fixed: In appbar mode, if docked left, the form width could be sized too small and get stuck so it could no longer be resized.
  • Fixed: If the Move Item Left operation was used on an item in the last folder at the root level, and the item was one of the items in the lower half of the folder, an error message was generated and the operation failed.
  • Fixed: If the Minimize On Open option was used with auto-hide mode enabled, it would not auto-show again unless the tray icon was first clicked.
  • Fixed: Folders would incorrectly display as closed when auto-expand mode was enabled and the folder became selected by first selecting an item in the folder and then clicking the button to left of the folder to collapse it.
  • Fixed: If the Tip of Day dialog was left open when the program was closed, an error message was displayed.
  • Fixed: When the last item was deleted out of a folder, the folder was incorrectly left displaying the icon for an open folder.
  • Fixed: When text in the Notes Panel was changed for an item, the file should have been marked as modified but wasn't.
  • Fixed: After closing and opening a file, the node selection was not properly restored.
  • Fixed: Dialogs were sometimes displayed beneath the main form when appbar mode was enabled.
1.0.2 (2002-06-18) - Bug Fix Release
  • Fixed: Attempting to paste (Ctrl+V) without first having done a Copy (Ctrl+C) or Cut (Ctrl+X) would cause an error message.
  • Fixed: The Ping, Traceroute, and DNS Lookup features did not work on Windows 95/98/Me unless the command strings in "Preferences | Advanced | Network Utility Command Strings" were manually changed. Note: the DNS Lookup requires a third-party nslookup utility for these Windows versions.
  • Fixed: When a NetVisualize item (a link or folder) was renamed, the NetVisualize links file was not marked as having been modified.
  • Fixed: If the user made changes to NetVisualize options in the Preferences dialog and then caused NetVisualize to exit by shutting down or rebooting Windows instead of closing NetVisualize, the changes to the Preferences were not saved.
1.0.1 (2002-02-23) - Bug Fix Release
  • Fixed: A bug in the sorting feature would sometimes cause errors when new items were added if sorting was enabled (sorting is disabled by default).
  • Fixed: When NetVisualize was launched it would sometimes fail to start under conditions when it was unable to successfully open the last-used file.
1.0.0 (2002-01-09) - Initial Release

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